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About history

Engine technology and engine repairs have changed relatively significantly in recent years.

The main focus in the development of an internal combustion engine is no longer its service life, but is now focused on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Techniques such as direct injection in gasoline internal combustion engines, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters, and exhaust gas recirculation systems were introduced. However, a new engine usually does not last 100,000km without causing massive problems such as chain noise, loss of compression or oil consumption.

The average car consumer is therefore inevitably confronted with the issue of engine repairs at an increasingly early age. ...more

2018 - TODAY

Hilter aTW

At the beginning of 2018 we decided to move the location again. The workshop, which had previously been located in a residential area, obviously became too small and was quickly overwhelmed by day-to-day business. In addition, the heavy truck traffic for the delivery and collection of the engines could no longer be managed amicably.

It was time to expand the business further and we purchased a commercial hall from 2008 in order to completely convert it to our needs. Today, a clean room of almost 90m², in addition to a machine room, a washroom and a vehicle workshop with a total of 5 lifting platforms and a performance test bench, offers enough space to meet the growing demands of our customers.

12 employees strive to offer you the perfect all-round service every day. Our machinery has now grown to such an extent that we offer almost every activity in the area of ​​engine repair. Convince yourself! We look forward to your visit!


2016 - 2018

Dissen aTW

In 2016 we took the opportunity to move again. This time no longer for rent, but as property. The new premises should not be significantly larger, but much more extensive with a closed office, social rooms and a private toilet.

We also began to structure and set up the new workshop according to the individual work processes. This is how the dismantling, cleaning, processing and assembly departments were founded for the first time, which still exist today. The assembly was particularly elaborate and clean. The place where the engines are assembled should be as tidy as possible and separated from all other work areas so that the highest level of cleanliness and therefore quality can be offered.

We began to hire more employees and train them in master classes. At its peak, we employed up to 9 people at our relatively manageable location in Dissen aTW, thereby creating the foundation of who we are today!


2013 - 2015

Bad Laer

After we had gained our first experience in the automotive business and the website brought in more and more orders, the 80m² at the first location quickly became too small and we moved with all the machines to nearby Bad Laer.

Here we rented an approximately 250m² hall and had enough space to purchase additional machines and our own lifting platform. Finally independent of other vehicle workshops, we expanded the product portfolio and from here on offered engine service for several manufacturers. The manpower of the two-man business was quickly no longer sufficient and employees were sought and hired in the engine repair department.

We began to prepare replacement engines and offer them online as an exchange offer. The so-called exchange engines offer the customer the opportunity to get a replacement unit as quickly as possible in the event of engine damage, to convert its add-on parts such as gearboxes etc. 1 to 1 and to send the old remaining engine back to us only after the repair has been carried out. We maintain this business model to this day and offer our customers the best service!


2011 - 2011

Dissen aTW

The maintenance and repair of engines began around 2011 in a small outbuilding of a local car dealership in the town of Dissen am Teutoburg Forest, where we had previously rented accommodation.

We started as a two-man operation, carrying out repairs on predominantly VW engines (VR6, 16V, G60) in addition to training. The engines, which were considered vulnerable at the time, offered us the opportunity to gain a lot of experience in engine construction in a short space of time. We sold the engines online on well-known platforms.

Even back then, the drive was of exceptionally good quality compared to the competition. We considered it inevitable to have all the work carried out from a single source and so the machine park grew quite quickly. We bought older machines from local workshops.

Many repairers were already of considerable age and were completely overwhelmed by the Internet sales option. This opened up a niche for the MIK Motoren company in which we have remained to this day.