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Plan cylinder head


There's nothing like a flat sealing surface!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Removing traces of corrosion
  • Creating a completely flat sealing surface
  • Very good surface properties
  • Adjusting the compression by planning the cylinder head (If the combustion chamber is in the cylinder head)

Surface grinding machine: Scledum RTM320

Whether it's head gasket damage, wear and tear or just to be on the safe side. The contact surface of a cylinder head should always be planned. The reason for this is the thermal loads that exist between the components in an engine. Due to the different thermal expansion, they cause tension and deformation in the material. After dismantling a cylinder head, it cannot be guaranteed that it will still be dimensionally stable and flat.

Planning a cylinder head or an engine block is usually a very simple and quick process. The cylinder head is clamped onto a device and machined with a face milling cutter. Approximately 0.05 – 0.20mm was removed.

Typically, cylinder heads can be scheduled and reused 3-5 times. In addition to the main sealing surface of a cylinder head, you can also plan the associated sealing surfaces of the intake and exhaust manifold. Oxidations and washouts often cause problems with the engine running (incorrect air).

In motorsport it makes sense to increase the compression of naturally aspirated engines by planning the cylinder head in order to be able to exploit the potential of the fuel up to the knock limit. We would be happy to advise you in detail on this topic.

In-line engine up to 8 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

50€ / cylinder

V engine up to 12 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder

Single cylinder

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder