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Valve seat machining


When things have to close!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Renewal of the valve seat surfaces
  • Replacing valve seat rings
  • Improvement of cylinder filling through changed valve seat angles
  • Use of armored valve seat inserts for gas operation

Valve seat cutter: MIRA VGX-21

As the engine's mileage increases, the valve seats tend to deform and are no longer able to completely seal the combustion chamber. The result of such wear can be irregular engine running and even valve tearing.

Planning a cylinder head or an engine block is usually a very simple and quick process. The cylinder head is clamped onto a device and machined with a face milling cutter. Approximately 0.05 – 0.20mm was removed.

To get the valve seat back into shape, we use a hand milling device from Mira. With the help of the provided contour steels, the seats are milled and thus given an optimal shape in order to meet the requirements mentioned above.

To convert to gas operation, it is necessary to completely replace the valve seats, as the temperature load is different due to the longer flame formation.

In-line engine up to 8 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

50€ / cylinder

V engine up to 12 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder

Single cylinder

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder