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Grind valves


When things have to close!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Renewal of the valve sealing surfaces
  • Adjustment of valve seat angle
  • Shortening the valve stem
  • High-gloss surface thanks to modern grinding technology

Valve grinding machine: Comec

Just like the valve seat, the valve must also be processed accordingly before the cylinder head is installed. Only a perfectly closing valve can reliably seal the combustion chamber and ensure heat transfer from the combustion chamber towards the cylinder head.

We therefore grind our valves on a valve grinding machine designed for this purpose. However, they are first glass bead blasted, ultrasonically cleaned and polished so that their appearance resembles that of a new valve.

If it is necessary to adjust the valve protrusion in the cylinder head, it is possible to shorten the affected valve. Otherwise there would be a risk that the hydraulic compensation element (tappet) would no longer be able to compensate for the linear expansion and the valve clearance and the valve would remain open during combustion. The result would be a loss of engine performance and fire damage to the valve and valve seat.

In-line engine up to 8 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

50€ / cylinder

V engine up to 12 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder

Single cylinder

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder