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Tire service

Tire service

Professionally for your safety!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Thanks to our modern tire devices, changing tires can always be done quickly and easily
  • We can also assemble special sizes (motorsport, tuning).
  • We offer a variety of top quality tires

Summer or winter - always have a good trip

The demands on tire service have become ever greater in recent years.

Not only does the processing of UHP and run-flat tires, which are increasingly appearing, require new technologies, the necessary assembly and disassembly processes are also becoming increasingly complex and the wheels are becoming increasingly heavier.

Our automatic tire changer was purchased in order to relieve the operator's workload and minimize sources of error through the largely automated work processes. Thanks to the controlled power and precision of this machine, all work - especially tire pressure - is carried out efficiently and gently at the same time.

Despite the automatic processes, the operator has control over all work processes at all times. As long as he presses the joystick, the work processes take place automatically. By releasing the joystick, the automatic process can be interrupted at any time, for example to lubricate. If necessary, program steps can also be repeated. Putting racing tires (slicks) on and off is also easy with these machines. After the tire has been carefully mounted on the rim, it is balanced according to the regulations.