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Engine overhaul

Engine overhaul

Better than new!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Factory problems are identified and corrected
  • The customer's special requests can be taken into account
  • Significant savings compared to a factory new engine
  • Exchange procedure enables the convenient conversion of all units

We overhaul all engines!

At present, everyone has probably heard of the term. “Replacement engine” stumbled upon, which had to do with engine damage. But what does the term mean? What is the process for purchasing a replacement engine? We'll clarify! A replacement engine has a service life that is at least as long as a brand new engine. The overhaul in our company is always associated with an improvement and invested know-how. Manufacturer-related errors are eliminated through improved components. We thus guarantee the highest reliability for a replacement engine we supply. The costs for a completely overhauled engine are significantly lower! The reason for this is that the returned old part always creates a basis for a new overhaul. We as engine repairers can then focus on the essentials - the overhaul - and do not have to purchase any old parts in advance in order to be able to offer a replacement engine. This cycle of overhaul not only offers a cost advantage. According to this principle, a replacement engine is available much more quickly and can be overhauled with less handling. Can you also get a replacement engine if your old part is massively damaged or not available at all? We will find a solution for every problem. However, you have to make compromises if you don't return an old part. How does the replacement of engines work efficiently and stress-free? You always receive the overhauled engine from us in advance, because the removal of the old engine and the conversion of the add-on parts can best be done when both units are on site. As soon as the conversion is completed, we will pick up the old part on site and take care of the return. There is no deposit for this period. Conclusion: A replacement engine costs less to purchase, offers the highest level of quality and can be set up and delivered just as quickly as a brand new engine from the manufacturer.