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Hone engine block


Dimensional tolerance & cross grinding like on the first day!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Removes minor damage to the cylinder bore
  • Removes out-of-roundness and creates a new cross cut
  • Depending on the grain size of the grinding strips, different surfaces can be created
  • Very precise machining method (+0.005mm)

Honing machine: Sunnen CV616

Honing or cross grinding is one of the final steps in cylinder machining. Here, the surface of the cylinder is refinished and given its typical cross-cut finish.

We hone each cylinder in 2-3 steps, each with different grain sizes. This gives us a perfectly honed surface on which the pistons/piston rings can later move precisely. We offer honing for any cylinder with a diameter of 40-150mm. It doesn't matter whether the engine block is an in-line engine, a V-engine or an engine block with interchangeable cylinders. For honing, we only need the piston to be used including piston rings in order to perfectly adjust the piston clearance and ensure perfect function.

For special applications in the motorsport sector, the dimensional tolerances for cylinders and piston clearance often differ from the manufacturer's specifications. It is important to clearly define the area of ​​application of the engine and set new tolerances accordingly. A forged piston may require significantly more piston clearance than a series piston, which should be taken into account when machining the cylinders - especially when honing. If the piston clearance is set correctly, the piston should neither tilt nor jam in any operating condition. We are happy to help you design the cylinders of your engine block correctly.

In-line engine up to 8 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

50€ / cylinder

V engine up to 12 cylinders

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder

Single cylinder

max. 150mm cylinder diameter

75€ / cylinder