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drilling engine block


We drill your cylinders to the right size!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Removes deep damage in the cylinder bore
  • Removes out-of-roundness and running edges
  • Allows the insertion of a liner in the event of severe damage
  • Enables the exact alignment of the bore to the crankshaft bearing groove

NC boring machine Rottler F85 E

If an engine block needs to be drilled to oversize or needs to be prepared for the insertion of cylinder liners, our boring machine is used.

By then drilling the damaged cylinders to oversize, we remove the abrasive wear caused by piston tipping or piston seizure. In conjunction with oversized pistons, after drilling and honing the engine block, we then receive piston clearance that is as good as new.

If there is wear beyond the intended excess dimensions, it is possible to use a cylinder liner. For this purpose, the cylinder is drilled out further and fitted with a bush collar seat. The cylinder liner is then cooled down using liquid nitrogen and shrunk into the preheated engine block. This creates an absolutely solid connection between the block and the socket. Finally, the bushing in the block is finely drilled and honed in order to obtain piston clearance that is as good as new.

This boring machine works using the NV process (numeric control). This means that the drilling distances and drilling depths can be stored in the machine's program so that it can then independently process up to 3 engine blocks at the same time. The individual alignment of the engine blocks is crucial because each cylinder must be aligned perpendicular to the main bearing lane. This is followed by a tool change and the flat surfaces are milled individually, one after the other, automatically.