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The advantages at a glance:
  • We not only provide the reinforced and performance-optimized engine, but also the installation and tuning
  • We have access to a variety of tried and tested setups
  • Development and support for customer-specific solutions in all areas

All from a single source!

With the modern design of the simple crown roller, the German manufacturer's dynamometer significantly minimizes temperature development (friction) and thus tire wear. Longer adjustment runs and therefore more precise adjustments are possible.

We conveniently carry out so-called LOG runs, in which almost all of the necessary parameters from the engine control unit (ECU) can be evaluated, on our dynamometer. To ensure that the engine does not overheat during a measurement, an air flow is generated with the help of several fans, which both supplies the system's coolers with cold air and creates an undercurrent in the vehicle, which also prevents overheating. For vehicles with a mid or rear engine where the cooling system is located in the rear (e.g. Porsche), we use two additional fans, which can be directed directly at the corresponding air inlets and thus provide an optimal cooling effect.

The measurement on the dynamometer is carried out in a closed room to ensure emissions compliance. During a performance measurement, the dynamometer records various parameters such as air pressure (hPa) and humidity in addition to the room temperature in order to be able to calculate these against the performance values ​​after the measurement. In addition to the wheel power and the engine power, we also receive a standardized power, which is calculated for the manufacturer according to DIN, ISO, or EWG, taking the above-mentioned parameters into account and making the power measurement meaningful and accurate. Each result can be reproduced as often as required.

While driving on the dynamometer, the values ​​relevant to the tuner/mechanic are shown on a display so that he can always check them and, in an emergency, stop the measurement before component damage occurs. To rule out errors, a trip is repeated under approximately the same conditions. The result of the performance measurement always corresponds to the current specifications of the manufacturer.

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