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Balancing the crankshaft

Balancing the crankshaft

We balance under 1.0g

The advantages at a glance:
  • The more precise balancing helps the engine run more smoothly
  • Vibrations cost performance
  • The breakage resistance of components is increased

Crankshaft balancing machine: Schenck

Whenever the wear on rotating components needs to be kept as low as possible, precise balancing plays a crucial role.

The crankshaft of an internal combustion engine converts the pressure movement that occurs in the combustion chamber into a rotational movement. Enormous forces are placed on it, which makes a massive construction necessary. Compared to other components in the engine, a crankshaft weighs by far the most. If this mass does not rotate completely in balance at high speeds, an imbalance occurs. This places point loads on the bearings and the entire engine construction and causes vibrations.

By precisely balancing the crankshaft, we achieve vibration-free engine running and thus minimize the load on all affected components.

In motorsport, it is possible to balance a crankshaft so finely that speeds beyond 10,000 rpm are possible and thus bring about an enormous increase in performance.