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Grind crankshaft

Grind crankshaft

Repair bearing damage!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Bearing journals can be ground to undersize
  • The main bearing and connecting rod bearing are completely aligned again
  • The surface created is reflective
  • The bearing clearance between the connecting rod bearing shell and the bearing journal can be precisely adjusted

Crankshaft grinding machine: Scledum RG215

Grinding the crankshaft is one of the most difficult work steps in engine repair. The bearing journals must be aligned and machined very precisely so that there are no problems when assembling the engine and later running the engine. This processing takes place on the crankshaft grinding machine designed for this purpose, which offers the possibility of clamping the crankshaft off-center in various positions and thus grinding each individual crank pin precisely.

However, before we can grind the crankshaft after connecting rod bearing damage, it must be checked for cracks and corrected. In order to ensure that the crankshaft functions properly after grinding, we need both the connecting rods and the engine block including the associated oversized bearing shells and bearing caps. If the measurement is carried out at the customer's site, we can of course also grind the crankshaft to a specified dimension.

After grinding, we check the surface hardness of the material to ensure that the hardness layer has not been completely removed and then polish each individual crankshaft journal. In motorsport, different minimum tolerances apply to bearing play and journal diameter, so that the machining of the crankshaft must be individually adapted to the composition of the engine and its area of ​​application. We are happy to help you select the right bearing materials and prepare the corresponding components.