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In engine repair, we deal with the construction of engines as well as the processing of engine parts and the custom-made components. Knowledge of engine technology and conventional machining would be desirable, but is not mandatory. Work on vehicles is not planned for the time being. The activities of an engine repairer require, on the one hand, a high level of quality awareness as well as the willingness to learn/apply new techniques.

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Our automotive mechatronics technicians primarily deal with diagnosing and repairing engine damage, but are also used for more general work on vehicles. With sufficient experience, innovative test bench runs and tuning measures are also carried out on vehicles. The activities of an automotive mechatronics engineer require reliable and quality-conscious work. Experience in engine technology and diagnostic technology would be desirable.

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The office's responsibilities primarily include customer communication and organizing work orders, as well as shipping and returning goods from our online shops. In addition, there is accounting and maintenance of our online presence. Each of these areas of responsibility requires a specialist, but everyone in the team is familiar with each other's tasks and can provide support. The job requires advanced knowledge of office, web design and the English language.