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Chip tuning


Cry for performance!

The advantages at a glance:
  • Software optimization to increase performance and or remove throttles and limiters
  • Adaptation of the engine control to a changed setup (individual adjustment)
  • Development and support for customer-specific solutions in all areas

Small intervention, big effect!

With the increase in turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol engines on our roads, the demand for optimization of the ECU software, better known as chip tuning, is also growing. This type of tuning has become very popular because a vehicle owner can unlock very large power reserves in their vehicle with little visible effort. However, a reasonable optimization requires a lot of work for the programmer. Every vehicle and its driver are individual. Most vehicle manufacturers use mechanically identical or at least similar engines for a generation of vehicles, which are then delivered in different performance levels. This makes the production of a series of vehicles cost-effective and thus offers space for chip tuning.

The work on the software takes some time if it is to be customized and therefore technically flawless.

The chip tuning is then checked on a dynamometer by recording the important parameters. At the same time, you get a performance curve that can be compared with the original. A total of at least 3-5 hours are necessary for all work, so that every vehicle owner can see from the first conversation with the tuner whether they offer good, individual chip tuning or carry out a copy & paste based on cheap software copies.

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